The formalities: My name is McKenna Hynes, better known as Kenna, and I am a cinematographer based out of upstate New York. I attended Columbia College Chicago majoring in Cinema Arts + Sciences with a concentration in cinematography. Since graduation I have delved into freelance work, collaborating with production companies around Chicago as well as with my self-founded musician and artist- centric production company, Tiny Ship Co.

I have dabbled and become fluent in most aspects of the filmmaking process including cinematography, editing, directing, production design, and post- production audio. This wide range of skills has allowed me to hone in on a visual style in my camera work and editing style that is well rounded, motivated, and most importantly, story driven.

I’d consider myself a self-starter as well as a devoted collaborator. I’ve spent the past years of my career trek creating close ties with those I’m working with and treating each project as unique and opportunistic. I've come across too many incredibly passionate and talented people in this world, and my ultimate goal as a filmmaker is to seek out their stories and to give them the validation they deserve through the skills I have obtained as a storyteller. Let's collaborate.